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Caddra 2019 kamagra oral jelly rezeptfrei

Deaths from motor vehicle accidents in people with adhd:

28% less deaths when women are on medication

33% less deaths for men on medication

40% less deaths for motorcyclists who are on medication.

Bottom line: Treating ADHD saves lives!

Caddra Abstract Feb. 2020

Treatment with Atomoxetine (Strattera), the non stimulant, has continued improvement in executive function (decision making) six months after stopping medication.

Bottom line: Could we stop medication when kids finish school?

Caddra 2020

ADHD shortens lifespan 12 years when its untreated combined type, and 8 years when its untreated inattentive. Fortunately this does not apply to treated ADHD – whew!

Meeting Of Minds – 2021

International online meeting with experts from several countries – learned a lot about the neural pathways of ADHD and how medications work. Learned that criteria for the DSM 5 description of ADHD was controversial and why someone could benefit from ADHD treatment even if they don’t have 6 of 9 symptoms, if those they have create significant impact. Also mood swings were not included because they couldn’t agree on how to measure it but its a big part of adhd and should have been in there.

Bottom Line: Frequent mood swings are a frequent part of ADHD.