What jobs are good for people with ADHD?

August 16, 2019 adhd-drbarr
  1. Any job you love – that does a lot to help you focus.
  2. A job that involves many short tasks and few prolonged tasks.
  3. a job that is unpredictable – not knowing what will come at you next keeps you alert and focused.
  4. a job that lets you move around, get outdoors, be physical, especially if you’re the hyperactive type.
  5. sales – people with ADHD often excel in sales. They get bored with the same old approach, and use their sense of humour and ‘funness’ to get and keep customers. The last thing you want in a salesman is to be boring. People with ADHD are NOT boring.
  6. Mechanical things – not sure I can explain it but often people with ADHD are good with their hands and with machinery, making great repair people, service technicians and mechanics.
  7. Teaching – who’s better to help kids perform than the person who WAS the class clown. Teachers with ADHD tend not to be boring, and can help kids by using lots of strategies to get information across, instead of the standard one only louder. Remember Not being boring – kids engage better with teachers who have ADHD, whether they have ADHD or not.
  8. Anything creative – broadcasting, video, art, design, architecture etc.
  9. Computers – programming and web designing and IT support. It seems creativity and inventiveness trump obsession for detail, and that can be learned, inventiveness not so much.
  10. medicine and law – yes, really. While obsessing with details seems like a strength for a doctor, the ability to look at the big picture and to think outside the box are huge strengths for a doctor to have. To practice effectively, they do need to establish strategies that get used and do work, and have good staff to back them up.
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