I don’t think I got ADHD till later in life but people tell me it’s something you are born with – what’s that about?

August 14, 2019 adhd-drbarr
  • boys with hyperactivity and impulsivity show symptoms around age 2 or even earlier
  • girls may not show symptoms till junior high
  • those with only inattentive symptoms may not be noticed till much later

Most often, boys develop symptoms of ADHD early in life, showing symptoms before starting school if we’re talking combined type with restlessness and impulsivity. Inattentive is usually there at this age but not picked up until much later – often in university or after. I’ve had a number of mums tell me they knew which child had adhd in utero. Some girls follow the same pattern but we also see a pattern of girls who show few ADHD symptoms till adolescence, somewhere in Junior High. We don’t know if this is hormonal or inherent differences between boys and girls or exactly what. Dr. Patricia Quin is famous for taking an interest in this area of ADHD, doing research, lecturing and writing on the subject.

Sometimes it doesn’t occur to anyone that there might be adhd until much later in life. Lots of parents were first diagnosed when their kids were going through assessments and the parents realized they had all the same symptoms. I this case, the symptoms were always there, just no one had picked up on it. In other cases, focus seems fine until a certain threshold or load is reached versuchen sie diese seite. That might be a promotion at work, or a change in job to something that is more linear, or a job that involves a lot o desk or paper work. It might be the distraction of having to be responsible for people under you while dealing with the pressures of bosses above you. It can be the birth of a child and now you have to be a parent, a partner, a bread winner and a maid. Of course, diagnosis and onset are separate issues.

Occasionally I’ll see someone with a few ADHD symptoms till, say, two years ago and now they are severe. In the absence of changes like the above, this is more likely to be depression than underlying ADHD and treating the depression is the way to go.

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