How much does it cost per month to treat ADHD?

August 16, 2019 adhd-drbarr
  • typical cost is $100-200/month

Cost varies depending on doses and frequency of medication, whether they are available as generic and which medication it is, but realistically, typical costs run between $60 and $200 per month.

It varies between pharmacies. Costco and Walmart are two of the cheapest, while small independent pharmacies tend to be expensive and oddly, Shoppers is fairly expensive.

Older meds and especially those in generic form are typically cheaper, but expect that with one of the long acting medications like Vyvanse or Concerta to pay about $200 per month for medication. Ouch. Good reason to get a job with a good drug plan.

Some of my patients get paid based on how hard they work and how good they are – sales for example. In this case, we find frequently that treating the ADHD can double sales and the cost of the drugs is minor compared to the increased income. I remember a waiter who was already best in his large restaurant, but he doubled his tips when we treated the ADHD. Now he was more attentive, more alert, more organized, and knew when to back off. It was appreciated and customers rewarded that great service.

If you’re stuck on a fixed wage, being on medication might make the difference in getting a promotion, or simply a better job, but that won’t help you today at the pharmacist. While Vyvanse is one of my more commonly written prescriptions, generic Dexedrine Spansules is exactly the same drug, just a bit shorter acting and even when taking it twice a day, is almost half as expensive, say $120 per month. Of course, you have to remember that second dose.

Bottom line is it’s sure nice to have a job or significant other who comes with a drug plan. Perhaps that’s what you should ask on a first date.

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