Do you see kids?

August 14, 2019 adhd-drbarr
  • I see children 10 and up

I used to see kids of all ages but as I worked more with adults, I saw fewer children and usually prefer to pass kids under 10 to one of several paediatricians who work with ADHD. If your child is getting a bit old to fit in the paediatrician’s chairs, I’m happy to take over and in the past, a number of paediatricians have referred their graduating patients to me, usually around age 16 or so.

On a practical basis, if I already see a parent, I’m happy to help with the offspring, especially knowing how long it can take to get into one of the paediatricians so I still work with several younger kids.

Sometimes there are difficulties in seeing the pediatrician – in terms of getting in quickly or being able to ask questions as easily as you’d like, or dealing with them after hours. I give my patients my email address so you can contact me almost any time and I’ll respond within 24 hours.

Sometimes kids just don’t get along with a particular doctor and if you’ve found me easy to approach (I hope) and think this could be helpful for your child, then perhaps I can help.

I recently had a situation where I see mum, the children see a paediatrician, but it would be a lot easier for mum if most of the visits were with me. The paediatrician pointed out that he has a close working relationship with the teachers and that’s important and we’ve agree that he’ll see the kids once a year and when we need him, but in-between times I will see them and adjust medication as needed and monitor for side effects and growth.

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