Do I have to take medication?

August 14, 2019 adhd-drbarr
  • no, if you have good strategies and not too much stress

Definitely not. If you are successful and not too stressed, and if those around you are not frustrated by your symptoms, then there’s nothing wrong with knowing you’re ADHD but choosing not to treat. That said, those who choose not to, really are already treating their ADHD, by making lists and having systems in place and learning to be very organized, or having people in their lives to do it for them. I do see a lot of patients who only think of medication in terms of work, and discount the need for treatment to manage homelife, live with loved ones, be a parent, manage money or to avoid rash decisions versuchen sie diese seite.

Treatment doesn’t have to be medication. There is more and more evidence to support the use of counselling, and in particular cognitive behavioural therapy.

Just as coaches can help you stick to an exercise or weight loss programme, they can motivate you to do the things to make your life run more smoothly when you’re ADHD.

Don’t discount the concept of ‘getting your shit together’. We know that when patients are motivated – by money, interest, self preservation, bribery or anxiety, they CAN manage procrastination and organization, and set up strategies to manage focus. Whether doing all of that will prove a bit much and lead to more stress is the question that determines whether medication should be considered.

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