Can I use marijuana to treat my ADHD?

August 14, 2019 adhd-drbarr
  • medication is a lot better
  • anyone under 25 has to stop using marijuana/cannabis urgently

ADHD patients with racing minds do find that marijuana slows them down and this is helpful. Unfortunately, it actually makes focusing even more difficult, especially for anything more than basic, so most patients find that stimulant medication works much better Add in the risk of addiction, weight gain, and laziness sometimes seen in marijuana use, it’s not a great solution.

More scarily, there is evidence that in young people, under 25, there can be permanent brain damage from use of modern day potent cannabinoids, and use of cannabis in women, can have a dramatic increased risk of offspring having ADHD, and their children too, through a mechanism called epigenetic, were genes are turned on and off and it is heritable. Creepy!

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