Aren’t stimulants the same thing as crystal meth and cocaine?

August 14, 2019 adhd-drbarr
  • the extremely rapid peak and short bloodlife of crystal meth and cocaine make them MUCH more habit forming

In theory the answer is sort of, but that’s a bit like saying that an over the counter tylenol #1 is the same as mainlining heroin. The difference is in the details. Cocaine and crystal meth have an extremely high peak blood level that lasts an extremely short time. Prescribed stimulants might have a peak level of stimulant effect 1 /100 of that of the recreational drugs, and of course it’s duration is several hours at least.

Addictiveness happens both because of the intensity of the effect but also because of the rapid crash after the street drug wears off, often within minutes. This is a powerful inducement to take another hit. That just doesn’t happen with longer acting prescribed stimulants.

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