The Two Week Appointment

So, you started the ADHD medication and it’s a stimulant and you’re here to follow up. We’re going to ask how much you’re taking, and are there any problems with it (that might be side effects or remembering it at all).

We’ll discuss how to proceed – if it was well tolerated, then we’re going to work on getting to the right dose podívejte se sem. If there were issues, then firs we have to figure out how to get around that problem.

Sometimes it’s already working quite well but obviously isn’t lasting the whole day till bed, and we’ll need to deal with that, or it’s working but not yet brilliantly so we come up with a plan for where to go from here dose wise.

It might involve changing medications or adding something else to the medication. If we didn’t see your partner on the first visit, I’m really hoping we do on this visit.

Usually, we’ll next see each other in about four more weeks.

I wrote this more than a year ago – I’m now so busy that its taking 4 – 5 weeks to get in to see me again. I’m working to fix it but it does mean you might need to use email to communicate side effects or other issues.