• simple tricks to be better organized and not forget, to listen better and think before acting
  • it can be a list or a phone reminder, or a way to remember names more effectively

Patients want to learn a strategy that involves minimal effort and is brilliant in its effect. They don’t want hundreds of strategies because they know well they could never keep track of them, and procrastination says, I’ll use it next time – maybe.

Strategies are very important however. Medications are never perfect, and what about before they kick in in the morning, and after they wear off in the afternoon?

A strategy that is difficult to use isn’t going to be!

Many strategies are so obvious you feel gypped when someone points them out to you. Of course you know you should have a grocery list on the fridge, that you then take down and bring to the store, and check as you go up and down the isles and review once more before pushing your buggy to the check-out counter. But sometimes you forget the list, or get to the car and remember and go, ‘oh well, next time – I’ll be ok this time.’

Of course you get home and your partner asks where the coffee, or even worse, the toilet paper is?

Part of using strategies is being honest with yourself, what are the chances of you remembering, performing well, or following instructions without using a strategy.

There are strategies for listening – every few minutes, paraphrase what you have heard, but in 25 words or less – it is not a license to take over the conversation.

it may be embarrassing to ask a client or your boss to put something in writing, but it’s worse when you forget the task entirely.

A place for everything isn’t just a good idea, it’s an essential one for people with ADHD. If your kids hide your car keys under a magazine, the problem isn’t theirs, it’s yours for leaving them lying out where they could be moved or hidden or knocked off.

I tell my patients, if you’re on the can having a bm, and you realize your keys are jingling. You get off the can, go put the keys on the right hook, then get back to business Because being honest with yourself, you know you’ll forget within seconds about returning the keys to the right place.

Same thing with bills. It’s better to always pay the utilities bill the day it comes in rather than have the power cut off.

ADHD coaches can give you lots of strategies, and there are books full of ideas, but remembering them and even more difficult, using them is the real challenge.

If a strategy makes your life easier, it’s a good one, if it just adds more stress, then not so much