So, How Is It My Responsibility?

I’m told I inherited my ADHD, or got it bebore I was even born, so doesn’t that mean it isn’t my fault and I can’t be held to be responsible when I make poor choices or behave badly or am careless?

Wow, tough question. Legally, we are all responsible for our behaviours regardless of circumstances, provocation (triggers), illnesses, mental state and effects of medications.

The real issue is that ADHD makes things harder, not impossible. That you have to put in more effort is just life – if you are short, you’re going to have to try harder to play basketball well, but it doesn’t stop you versuchen sie diese seite. While many high school students with adhd don’t get their homework handed in on time, those with stricter, more involved parents do so just fine.

What motivates us to ‘not screw up’ is a combination of consequences and anxiety – if we’re going to get grounded, we put in more effort, if we worry, it motivates us to focus and to not procrastinate (put things off).

Universities will give students extra time for exams if they are adhd, but won’t let them procrastinate on assignments, because they know darn well that if the student knows they have an extra week, they willl take two.

If you speed, you pay – its your responsibility to pay attention, to use cruise control if need be, or not drive.