• you can have your family doctor or counsellor refer you but if need be you can arrange your own appointment to see me (eg. you don’t have a fam. doctor).

I accept referrals from family doctors, paediatricians, psychologists and counsellors including behavioural health consultants atarax pris. I am willing to see patients without a referral and we can discuss if you want me to send a report to your family doctor.

My normal process is to assess the patient and adjust medication over the first six to twelve months at which point I suggest that the patient might find it easier to get medication refills from their family doctor, and I send an update letter so they know how things stand and what the dose of medication is.

As I have become busier and the waiting list to be assessed or even to book a followup appointment is getting longer and longer, I am pushing patients who are stable to be treated by their family doctor. If that doctor doesn’t believe in adult adhd or prescribing, or the doses I have recommended, then you have have a tough decision to make – change doctors or live with their instructions.

Likewise, some doctors only want the assessment and feel comfortable managing medication. If that is the case, mentioning that in the referring letter will alert me to sending the patient back immediately. In this case, if it’s appropriate I’ll initiate a first prescription and have the patient see their doctor for the followup.