Practice during COVID

I want to minimize your risk. This means that most followup visits can be done by telephone. I will call you within 30 minutes of your appointment time, and will need to know what number I should use to reach you.

Prescriptions will be faxed so I’ll need the name of your particular pharmacy (eg. shoppers westhills).

It does mean that I can’t check your blood pressure but the number of elevated readings on ADHD meds isn’t high. I’d probably not even recommend checking it at the drug store unless you know you were already a bit elevated in which case buying your own machine might be a good idea anyway. Omron is a good brand.

ADHD assessments do need to be done face to face. With few people coming to the office and no one with a fever and cough allowed in, the risk is small. You’d think that if people are mostly staying at home, getting ADHD under control isn’t a huge priority but with ADHD patients getting bored easily and finding an unstructured work schedule actually harder for them, and with impulsive behaviours in some, we probably should be going ahead with assessments.

Experts are saying this covid thing is likely to be going on for six months or more so putting off an assessment for a few weeks isn’t helpful.

We treat ADHD for two reasons. Firstly because you are screwing up and it’s affecting your work, relationships, finances, or safety. The second reason is because doing your best to not let the ADHD cause problems is really stressing you out or wearing you down.

You will have to decide whether you can afford to put off doing anything about your ADHD for more than six months is sensible under the circumstances.