Non Stimulants

  • work on norepinephrine but not dopamine
  • 1/3 as effective as stimulants
  • can help with mood, irritability, anxiety

Non stimulants offer a choice – don’t do well with stimulants because of mood or appetite or some other deal breaking side effect, then at least we have a backup. Need a bit more benefit and already at the max dose stimulant, well… What about some ADHD control both before the stimulant kicks in and after it wears off, look at non stimulants atarax pris.

Issues with non stimulants include the need to start them several weeks before classes start so being off for the summer isn’t going to work. Waiting till September to see the doctor, likewise.

In terms of potency, they are about one third as effective as stimulants (you knew there had to be a catch), but they can also be of benefit for reducing side effects of stimulants when used at the same time – and this is where I find their biggest use.


Intuniv XR