Misplacing Things

  • spending too much time looking for things

often the items get misplaced only temporarily, but you have to consider the amount of time you waste looking for things that had you put them where they belong, it wouldn’t be a problem. My ADHD patients often blame the family for moving things and covering them – but if you put them where they belong instead of leaving then out, well you wouldn’t need to blame others impotenzastop.it. Quite often people develop strategies for the workplace, but don’t bother when at home, and things really fall apart.

People with ADHD are famous for not seeing things in front of them so others have to find them – the classic ‘I can’t find my glasses – oh, they’re on my head.

They get frustrated easily so searches deteriorate or they give up, or lose their temper.

And yes, they do sometimes put their keys in the fridge – actions without thinking.

They think they can’t find things, when the real problem is not making an effort to put things where they are likely to be found – the person who puts the keys inside their shoe so they can’t forget them in the morning, then literally turns the house upside down trying to find them in the morning. It seemed like a good idea, but they didn’t think it through.

Searches tend to be random, and repetitive and not very effective. So, if someone did move your glasses or keys, there are some places that are much more likely to find them – but people with adhd don’t seem to understand that or struggle to implement the kind of search that is quickly effective.