Medication can be broken into Stimulants , Non Stimulants and others.

So why is it almost all the good and the bad we hear is about stimulants. It's actually fairly simple - it's stimulants that work on both dopamine and norepinephrine and are much more powerful than the non stimulants that only work on norepinephrine. It's stimulants that are the mainstay of treatment, but it's also stimulants that can mess with sleep, cause weight loss and agitation, rapid heart beat and other notorious side effects.

Non Stimulants have their own set of side effects but they tend to be less, and different. Why would we even look at non-stimulants. Well, there's a small population who do well only on a non stimulant, but their bigger role is in combination with stimulants where they allow a smaller dose of stimulant or mitigate some of the side effects of stimulants like reducing anxiety and irritability and moodiness, improving sleep and having a modest effect on focus that lasts 24 hours a day without the stimulating effect.