while the child might run out between parked cars, the adult may think out a problem, research it carefully, then ignore all common sense and spend money they don’t have, somehow rationalizing that it’s a good idea, they won’t piss off their partner, and besides, they deserve it, bank balance notwithstanding.

They often are involved with high risk sports like mountain climbing and dirt biking, sky diving and extreme sports. They need the stimulation that playing the stock market can give them, or gambling, or substance abuse. They start businesses that in hind sight were doomed to fail – ‘what was I thinking’, then they go do it again.

Being impulsive may put you in conflict with the law, or lead to addiction.

Boredom and impulsiveness can lead to poor choices in dates and partners, or in risky sex, unwanted pregnancies, STI’s or affairs.

Impulsivivity is not quite the same thing as being an adrenaline junkie – in the latter, there is a deliberate choice to seek out high risk activities even when well aware of consequences. Impulsivity is “see it – think it – do it” without thought about safety, practicality, affect on others, costs.