• longest lasting stimulant
  • means you don’t need remember to top up later in the day

Foquest is relatively new, coming out in 2018. At first glance you’d have to ask why we’d even need a 16 hour medication but as I gain more experience using it, it’s often perfect for the person who can’t remember the lunch time top up of the usual ’12’ hour medications. At 16 hours duration that feels like too long, but that’s 8 hours for sleep so its often ideal.

Doses range from 25 to 100 mg. and the only downside is the stronger capsules are very big. Most can swallow them without difficulty, but not all, in which case we will split the dose into two capsules.

Foquest is methylphenidate, like Ritalin, Biphentin and Concerta but lasting longer than any of them. Unlike Concerta, capsules can be opened and partial doses used or medication sprinkled for those with swallowing issues.