Dexedrine Tablets

  • short acting stimulant
  • most often used for studying, working late

Dexedrine tablets have a duration of 2 – 4 hours. They are a 5 mg. pill. Onset is 30 minutes. I use short acting dexedrine in university students to handle irregular extended hour need to focus – a once a week lab, or a term paper due. Taken at 7 o’clock when the student realizes they need it, it wears off before 11 so they can sleep and make that 8 am class the next morning.

Pediatricians sometimes use it when a hyperactive impulsive uncooperative child needs to get behaviour under control asap so they can get ready for school. Here it’s combined with a longer acting stimulant to cover the school day.

Very rarely, a patient will complain that even dexedrine spansules interfere with sleep and I’ll use the short acting tablets.

There is more risk of getting a buzz and being addictive, and of course they are at risk of being stolen if people know you have them.