• long acting stimulant, containing methylphenidate
  • a capsule that cannot be split, crushed or dissolved

Concerta is a ’12 hour’ medication and differs from Biphentin in having a fairly stable blood level over it’s duration, so it’s still working well till it isn’t working at all. It’s also methylphenidate . The rather rapid drop in blood level does in my opinion result in a higher rate of rebound irritability at end of day, and sometimes even anxiety or depression. That’s easily fixed by a lunch time top up usually of about half the morning dose, if you can remember it. Concerta comes in 18, 27, 36, and 54 mg. and can’t be split or sprinkled or dissolved. I very occasionally will go as high as 72 mg. in a single dose, though 54 and a top up later is a lot more common. Most of my patients report a duration of 7-10 hours, though occasionally a lot longer.