And Now That Things Are Going Well…

  • prescriptions typically get longer till we settle at six months
  • good time to consider having your family doctor prescribe if they are willing, but we don’t ‘fire’ you

It’s been several months and we haven’t needed to adjust the dose, we’ve talked about resources and strategies and made sure the family are happy with the progress. This is a good time to go back to your family doctor if you have one, and get them to maintain the medication if they are comfortable with doing so.

I like to drop them a letter when I do your refill, letting them know how you’re doing and what you are on. Some doctors would rather I carry on prescribing the medication while others are happy to take over. It can depend on the dose – if its higher than they are comfortable with, then perhaps they’d prefer I take responsibility.

We don’t generally fire patients, you will always be able to come back if there is something to discuss in the future (well, as long as I’m still around and that looks to be at least a few years).

As I have become busier trying to keep up with new assessments and followups, its taking longer and longer to get into see me and so I will have you see a regular family doctor for future prescriptions. As persuading walk in doctors to prescribe stimulants is not easy and can be humiliating, you DO NEED A FAMILY DOCTOR!

If your family doctor refuses to recognize adult adhd even exists, or won’t prescribe stimulants to adults, you might need to move on.