Alternatives to Seeing Dr. Barr

First option is to work with your family doctor. Doctors rightly resent you telling them what to do, but there is no rule against you doing your homework. Write out in point form why you think you might be adhd – but keep it short and to the point (something people with adhd struggle with)

it might look like

  • did poorly in school
  • divorced three times
  • bankrupt once
  • fired twice
  • family hx mental health – only those who have been treated
  • who else thinks you have adhd
  • list the current issues in your life, whether job, financial, partner or parenting

Cover the major screwups/failures of your life.

complete a rating scale for ADHD, such as the ASRS, PHQ, and GAD-7

document any previous treatment or experiments with stimulants and any assessments, or suggested assessments. If you have been on medication, what was it, the dose you took, how many per day and what time of day – you might need to visit your pharmacy for this information.

Make sure you have read some of this website.

Get a copy of ” Taking Charge Of Adult ADHD” by Russell Barkley and read at least the first few chapters.

See a psychologist who does a lot of work with ADHD – it will be helpful and they may have ideas on where to go if you need medication. See resources page on this website.

Check with Access Mental Health (403) 943-1500 for the resources available,

Ask your fp to refer you to someone, another fp good at dealing with adhd if they don’t want to handle this, or a psychiatrist – but keep in mind a lot of psychiatrists don’t deal with adhd, and don’t know much about it.

If you don’t have a family doctor, get one. Go to Find A Doctor.

There are online resources for being assessed and treated. I have NO experience with these so do your own research. One such is Frida. They do charge.