Whats Cool about ADHD

All I hear about are the problems of being adhd, but I hear about ‘the gift’ of adhd. Huh?

Few kids would agree that ADHD is a gift – since what you see is parents fussing, teachers complaining, and knowing that you frequently screw up, or have to work really hard not to.

But, it does turn out that a mind that can flit from topic to topic can perform in some situations much better than in ordinary kids. We find that people with ADHD are often funnier than ordinary people, far less boring, and some have lots of energy, or have huge creative streaks they can apply to writing, music, art, or in design and mechanical things.

People with ADHD seem to be better at looking at the big picture. The very ‘problem’ of being distractible means that we see everything around us and everything about problems that need solved so we can create better solutions, be more inventive, think outside the box.

We know that the world is full of very successful, amusing, wonderful people who have become famous, or rich, or respected simply because their brains work differently, and they took advantage.

Not every person with ADHD is creative, but many are, and perhaps you simply haven’t yet found your area in which to be creative. Be patient, but also be willing to try different things – you never know what will turn out to be your ‘thing’

Kids with ADHD often love to argue, and parents often find this frustrating, and yet people with adhd can be very persuasive.

Ordinary people tend to be very focused on the next logical step, of being what I call linear, following a path. But kids with adhd jump around, either really, or figuratively, skipping, side stepping, leaping to ideas.

Adults with adhd are often excellent sales people – because they don’t use the same sales pitch on every customer, every time – Boring! They change strategies, try new ideas, come at a problem from a different direction.

The sooner you learn to be persuasive instead of argumentative, the more successful you will be.