ADHD And Driving

  • ADHD makes it hard to pass your learners permit – because it’s boring and you can’t reason it out, you just have to remember.
  • Some people love to drive and of course anything you enjoy makes it easier to focus. You might drive a bit fast, but even your family agree you’re a decent driver, paying attention, staying in your lane, watching ahead.
  • some people with ADHD don’t love driving – it’s just a way to get somewhere, and it’s hard to focus. These people do drift out of their lane, don’t watch for obstacles, get careless, and have far more accidents than ordinary people – WAY more.
  • its actually quite common for people with ADHD to not even learn to drive until much older if at all.
  • women with ADHD who are not on medication have a 28% greater chance of dying in a car accident than those who are on their medication. For guys, it’s 33 % and if you drive a motor cycle, its 44% more likely to die if you aren’t taking your medication.
  • most people’s medication wears off sometime in the evening which means they aren’t medicated by 10 PM. Add a bit of alcohol or pot, and oh boy, the risks add up. This is one reason why for adults, medication needs to be taken all the time, not just on work or school days.
  • A perfect storm is when an ADHD dad tries to teach driving to an ADHD teenager – it ain’t pretty!