My new ADHD blog

December 5, 2021 adhd-drbarr

I thought I might use the blog format to keep you up to date where possible.

I’ve just spent 12 hours going through every page to update, fix typos, remove spurious ads for viagra, and in a few places fix links. I’ve also added several new pages on Stimulant Information, Stimulant Side effects, drug plans and generics. I’ve expanded more than 30 of the pages.

At this point I have not tested most of the links and that will be my next task.

Medical Education – In September, I virtually attended a series of lectures on mental health through UBC. One lecture, by Dr. Kevin Kjernisted was absolutely excellent, on Bipolar Spectrum. I learned a lot, was shown a number of questions I can ask my patients to better sort out who’s bipolar and who’s not, and he recommended a couple of books, by Dr. James Phelps on Bipolar Spectrum for physicans, and Phelps and Aiken “Bipolar Not So Much” for patients. I’ve finished the first and found it very helpful, and am half way through the patient book and it too looks good. Again, this is already changing my practice.

I have been progressively getting busier since retiring from family practice in 2017 and especially in the last year am finding it harder and harder to keep up with referrals and even follow up appointments.

Don’t be insulted if you find me strongly hinting its time to return to your family doctor for ongoing treatment. I’m only doing that with stable patients, where medication is working well, and we’re not changing things. I don’t lock the door behind you in the sense that if issues do develop in the future, you can book another appointment. I’m trying to send an update letter to the family doctor so they know what’s happening and I send that letter after talking with the patient.

Currently it takes about three months to see me for a first appointment, and about five weeks for a followup visit. PLEASE take this into consideration when you plan followup appointments. I have not been charging for medication prescriptions though I know its the policy in some offices to do so. I get paid nothing if I refill your medication when you email or talk with my staff. I do get paid a very small amount if the pharmacy asks for the prescription refill by faxing my office. I’m swamped by refill requests and the vast majority of them are simply poor planning on the part of the patient. I’ve given them x number of months medication and asked them to see me shortly before they should run out. Yes, I know you’re adhd and forgetful, but…

Every day I tell a patient when I want to see them, and they walk out without talking with the staff – really?